PORTABLE FLOORING SOLUTIONS: your partner in product development

From sketch to development and realization of a new product, Portable Flooring Solutions is happy to be your partner! We offer a sounding board for your ideas. This can be an improvement of existing floor products, but also completely new floor solutions.

In recent years, we have built up extensive expertise and have established close cooperation with a skilled mold builder. Moreover, your products are manufactured using the most modern techniques from the best plastics.

An ideal mix of floors

Portable Flooring Solutions is also innovative when it comes to comprehensive solutions. By combining flooring from our own production with other types of flooring - including aluminum, wood and PVC - we can always provide the most optimal solution. This gives you the convenience of only one supplier for all the flooring you need to make your project or event a success. With Portable Flooring Solutions, you are alwayson the right track. Do you have an idea for a new product or are you looking for a total supplier, please contact us without any obligation.